Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A trial run....

So you all probably know that we have a kitten (well he's a year!) we love him dearly, but he has given us a fantastic trial run at having kids over the past two days.

First, we came home from work yesterday - and he was completely lethargic, not at all his chipper self. He was limp and clearly sick. Not having many words to tell us what what wrong and because I am a classic worrier-we headed into the after-hours emergency vet! After many (many) late night hours there, we left without any real answers, as Dex was not cooperative with them and WOULD NOT let them take a urine and blood sample.

Which brings us to today, we were up monitoring him and then had to completely re-shuffle our schedules and play a little tag-team babysitting (which means making sure he drinks his water)!!

So while this was on a much MUCH smaller scale than bringing up a baby... it did give us a tiny peak into the hustle and scramble of parenting!!

** He did get a fancy new water bowl that runs like a faucet!!

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