Saturday, October 9, 2010


T and I have just recently returned from a GLORIOUS trip across the ocean! I can not describe in words how much fun it was nor can I articulate how beautiful it was!

Our itinerary brought us to Munich, Germany; Dubrovnik, Croatia; Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina; Split, Croatia; Plitvice National Park, Croatia; Motovun, Croatia-and surrounding areas; Ljubljana, Slovenia; Lake Bled, Slovenia; Innsbruck, Austria.... and then back to Munich!!

It was a whirlwind trip filled with beautiful scenery, culture, history, gorgeous art, outdoor cafes, delicious food, gracious people and so many many more experiences!!

As I am posting this blog--I can not think of what my favorite experience was... there were to many fantastic times.

We LOVED Rovijn, Croatia.... a salty fishing village along the Istirian Coast of Croatia, it is truly beautiful and it still has some remnants of its working fisheries left!

We also were very pleasantly surprised by Mostar.... even though there is so much war damage left.. it has a beautiful rustic quality! And the people there.. a mix of Jews, Muslims, and Christians- can teach the world how to get along, as they have been living together mostly peacefully for thousands of years! Wow!

We also had a unique experience in Mostar... the owner of the little B&B where we stayed invited us into their own home and delighted us with his homemade Limoncello, Grappa, and Cherry Brandy (and some good Croatian cookies)! { Oh, and did I mention this was after we finished a liter of wine with dinner!! ;) } We had a great discussion about the Independence war and the history of that beautiful country.

We also loved Ljubljana. It is a incredibly young, vibrant, boutique-filled city. It also has a very unique city that bridges the gap between East and West Europe!

What else... is there...

We did visit Munich's Oktoberfest.. it was great and one of us (not mentioning any names) had, maybe, a bit to much fun!!

All in all, it was a wonderful trip and now that we are back home we are anxious for our next adventure!!

PICTURES TO COME!!!! {I am still editing the 1,000 + that I took:) }

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