Saturday, December 11, 2010

What we've been doing...

Its been such a long time since I have posted.. so I am going to try and take a moment and catch everyone up on whats been happening around the Nelson residence!

A few weeks ago (actually the weekend before Thanksgiving) I was able to make a quick trip home... I managed to pack a TON of things into the short time. Here's the run-down:
1.) I surprised my dad by showing up at his 30th Anniversary of Schad, Lindstrand & Schuth party! It was so much fun to have him walk in and there I was!!

I am so proud of my dad and all that he has accomplished! When I look at the risk that he took, going into business with a partner he barely knew with a new baby at home-- all at the age of 24; I am shocked and amazed. He created a wonderful life for his family and a fantastic business! Wow... what a great man... and am I a lucky girl!!

2.) I met up with a wonderful friend for a day of shopping laughing talking... then crashed at their place!

3.) I went to another great friend's beautiful wedding! The date ended up being moved from next summer to that weekend so I am sooo... happy that I was able to go!! The wedding was an intimate event but it was incredibly moving and lovely. In fact, the readings that she chose may have been some of the most beautiful reading I have ever heard (way nicer than any I had at my own wedding!!)

After all that, I was still able to spend the night with my Grandma... I brought her Taco Bell and we chatted into the wee hours of morning!

Its always so nice to go home!!!

After my trip we then packed up and headed to GA to spend Thanksgiving with Kathryn and the fam! It was good that we did because Kathryn found out that she is moving back to MN (confession time: I think her move is going to make me super-duper jealous!). We had a delicious meal... ate way to much... then followed that up with some Shopping! Mom, Kathryn and I left at 11:00 PM and headed out to do some all night money spending! We made it home at 7 AM took a nap.. then headed back out to do some more shopping! It was CRAZY (and crazy fun).

Since Thanksgiving we have been prepping for Christmas! and I am going to leave you now with a pic from Thanksgiving!