Monday, April 19, 2010

Going Home...

Wow.... What a week. In case, some do not know, my grandfather passed away last Wednesday. Therefore, T and I made a quick trip home. The memorial was very nice (or at least as nice as it could be under the circumstances). And it was great to see all my family and friends- again, not under the circumstances. While, I know he is in peace, it is still very hard to not have him around and I will certainly miss him. I am just so happy that I was given so many years to have my grandpa Johnson in my life.

Monday, April 12, 2010

A little bit about me.... thus far!

I guess I was feeling a bit introspective this evening and I stumbled upon this quiz.. while I usually never take these or fill these out, I thought I would tonight!
A quiz for all of you if you feel like posting it…

Family members you can't live without?

Travis, Mom, Dad, Kathryn and Erik

    Girlfriends you can't live without?
    Jamie, Erin, My law school gals,

    5 foods you can’t live without?
    Raspberry's, Peanut Butter, Cheese (any kind but more pungent the better), A good crusty french bread, and wine (is that a food group?) Oh yeah... and any type of Mexican

    5 favorite movies?
    Pride & Prejudice, P.S. I Love You, Emma,

    5 favorite TV shows?
    Amazing Race, Biggest Loser, 16 and Pregnant/Teen Mom, Golden Girls, Murder She Wrote

    5 biggest pet peeves?
    -Ignorance and Prejudice
    -Kids/Toddlers not wearing covering on their feet

    5 places you have visited and loved?
    -New York
    (this one was tough because I have not met a new city that I have not wanted to move to.. except Gary, Indiana!)

    5 places you want to visit?
    In the U.S
    -Santa Fe, NM
    Outside the U.S
    -EVERYWHERE!! But especially, Delhi, Hong Kong, Brazil....

    5 memories that you will never forget:
    My wedding day, all my family vacations (like Kentucky, Colorado, Sweden....)

    5 things you love about your house/location?
    -The POOL!! (We CANNOT live without it in Texas!)
    -Our patio
    -Having an attached garage
    -Having 4 bedrooms
    -our new white kitchen

    5 things you wish you could change about your house/location?
    -MORE STORAGE!! (wow.. do I accumulate....although I do try to be mindful of this and have a continuing effort to downsize.. I just have such a hard time!)
    -I wish we were in different neighborhood... although we love the physical location( i.e the closeness to everything) we wish we had more young people/families and could be even closer (like walking distance) to bars and restaurants.;
    -I wish we had a bigger garage,
    -I wish we had a basement... although this wish will remain nothing but a dream while we are here in Dallas!

    5 projects you are working on or want to accomplish this year?
    -Finish staining the fence

    5 material possessions you can’t live without? .
    Camera, Computer, Vehicle, Coffee Maker,

    5 reasons you blog?
    -For memories... to remember all the small things I'd easily forget
    -To create a place that all my family and friends can visit and keep updated with us
    -For fun

    Sunday, April 11, 2010

    Sporty T!

    Travis had quite the week... filled with sporting events! First, he had "play-offs" for his Flag-Football League! They played a tough few games and walked away the 2nd-place champions, which unfortunately did not get them a t-shirt but they did, however, beat the only undefeated team in the league!! Yeah team!! :)

    But the big deal of the week was the annual DFW Mud Run!

    An exciting 6.2ish mile race filled with all sorts of obstacles (like rolling through mud, going up over walls, climbing ropes, and wading through rivers). Travis and some buddies did the race for the second time! Again, it was a success and they even cut some time!! CONGRATS!!

    Clean Before the Race!

    The last obstacle- a roll through the mud!

    All the muddy post-race glory!

    Monday, April 5, 2010

    Georgia on my Mind..

    For Easter my wonderful husband and my equally wonderful sister, Kathryn, planned a little surprise (which Travis ended up telling me about any-how) vacation mini-trip to Georgia over the Easter weekend. So Travis and I packed up the car and headed out Thursday. We arrived later that Thurs.. making great time!

    So on Friday we went hiking on a beautiful trail (Kathryn's fav!). It was a great workout (7.5 miles of hills-to be exact!) and a wonderful time.. and absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Here's proof:

    Then we visited UGA.. in Athens! We hit up some Georgian Antebellum Mansions (and pretended to be Southern Belles). And we browsed through the downtown!

    Finally, we helped Kathryn throw a wonderful Easter Dinner and just spent some quality time with her! (I am soooo... lucky to have such a wonderful sister!)

    The ONLY bad thing about the trip was leaving her when it ended! I love you, sis!