Saturday, December 11, 2010

What we've been doing...

Its been such a long time since I have posted.. so I am going to try and take a moment and catch everyone up on whats been happening around the Nelson residence!

A few weeks ago (actually the weekend before Thanksgiving) I was able to make a quick trip home... I managed to pack a TON of things into the short time. Here's the run-down:
1.) I surprised my dad by showing up at his 30th Anniversary of Schad, Lindstrand & Schuth party! It was so much fun to have him walk in and there I was!!

I am so proud of my dad and all that he has accomplished! When I look at the risk that he took, going into business with a partner he barely knew with a new baby at home-- all at the age of 24; I am shocked and amazed. He created a wonderful life for his family and a fantastic business! Wow... what a great man... and am I a lucky girl!!

2.) I met up with a wonderful friend for a day of shopping laughing talking... then crashed at their place!

3.) I went to another great friend's beautiful wedding! The date ended up being moved from next summer to that weekend so I am sooo... happy that I was able to go!! The wedding was an intimate event but it was incredibly moving and lovely. In fact, the readings that she chose may have been some of the most beautiful reading I have ever heard (way nicer than any I had at my own wedding!!)

After all that, I was still able to spend the night with my Grandma... I brought her Taco Bell and we chatted into the wee hours of morning!

Its always so nice to go home!!!

After my trip we then packed up and headed to GA to spend Thanksgiving with Kathryn and the fam! It was good that we did because Kathryn found out that she is moving back to MN (confession time: I think her move is going to make me super-duper jealous!). We had a delicious meal... ate way to much... then followed that up with some Shopping! Mom, Kathryn and I left at 11:00 PM and headed out to do some all night money spending! We made it home at 7 AM took a nap.. then headed back out to do some more shopping! It was CRAZY (and crazy fun).

Since Thanksgiving we have been prepping for Christmas! and I am going to leave you now with a pic from Thanksgiving!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Finding Whats Missing....

I grew up in the church... it felt natural to get up on Sunday mornings and head to Sunday School and then sit through church {albeit not always with the most patients and grace.. and often begging to go to the nursery (yeah, even as a teenager)} At the time, I saw this as something mom and dad made me do.. and I remember sitting in the pews trying to whisper something to someone and they telling me "shhhh... we are trying to listen" at the time I wondered what in the world could they possibly find interesting enough to actually listen.

I then grew up headed off to college and admittedly my church attendance went from every Sunday to non-existent (with the few exceptions of when I was home with mom and dad).

As I grew into adulthood I always had a longing in my heart to go back to church.. to re-discover my faith! But I always struggled with the problem of reconciling what I felt was right (regarding the many issues that we often term as political issues) and the beliefs/tenants that the church holds. To be blunt, I felt that the church and the many many people proclaiming to be Christian, while proclaiming to be "servants of God" were instead a completely discriminatory/judgemental place/group of people. I hate this, to me, to be a Christian is to welcome everyone, to love everyone, REGARDLESS of what or who they may be.

Despite all of these frustrations with the institutions and people of the Christian faith, I still felt this longing to be a part of a church, to be with people who also believe as I do. The problem was though that we (meaning T and I) COULD NOT find a church that we felt comfortable with. I mean truly comfortable with... one that I could be myself, with all my political/social leanings, and one that I felt was representative of the loving/WELCOMING congregation that I longed for.

But all that changed today! We finally found a place that we feel welcome, that we feel we can both explore and expand our faith, regardless of the questions that we still have. This new place is truly a Sanctuary. And I love it.

If you too are looking for such a place and live in the Dallas Community come join us... if you don't live here check out their sermons online (trust me, you will be inspired)!

Highland Park United Methodist Church - Cornerstone

Saturday, October 9, 2010


T and I have just recently returned from a GLORIOUS trip across the ocean! I can not describe in words how much fun it was nor can I articulate how beautiful it was!

Our itinerary brought us to Munich, Germany; Dubrovnik, Croatia; Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina; Split, Croatia; Plitvice National Park, Croatia; Motovun, Croatia-and surrounding areas; Ljubljana, Slovenia; Lake Bled, Slovenia; Innsbruck, Austria.... and then back to Munich!!

It was a whirlwind trip filled with beautiful scenery, culture, history, gorgeous art, outdoor cafes, delicious food, gracious people and so many many more experiences!!

As I am posting this blog--I can not think of what my favorite experience was... there were to many fantastic times.

We LOVED Rovijn, Croatia.... a salty fishing village along the Istirian Coast of Croatia, it is truly beautiful and it still has some remnants of its working fisheries left!

We also were very pleasantly surprised by Mostar.... even though there is so much war damage left.. it has a beautiful rustic quality! And the people there.. a mix of Jews, Muslims, and Christians- can teach the world how to get along, as they have been living together mostly peacefully for thousands of years! Wow!

We also had a unique experience in Mostar... the owner of the little B&B where we stayed invited us into their own home and delighted us with his homemade Limoncello, Grappa, and Cherry Brandy (and some good Croatian cookies)! { Oh, and did I mention this was after we finished a liter of wine with dinner!! ;) } We had a great discussion about the Independence war and the history of that beautiful country.

We also loved Ljubljana. It is a incredibly young, vibrant, boutique-filled city. It also has a very unique city that bridges the gap between East and West Europe!

What else... is there...

We did visit Munich's Oktoberfest.. it was great and one of us (not mentioning any names) had, maybe, a bit to much fun!!

All in all, it was a wonderful trip and now that we are back home we are anxious for our next adventure!!

PICTURES TO COME!!!! {I am still editing the 1,000 + that I took:) }

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A trial run....

So you all probably know that we have a kitten (well he's a year!) we love him dearly, but he has given us a fantastic trial run at having kids over the past two days.

First, we came home from work yesterday - and he was completely lethargic, not at all his chipper self. He was limp and clearly sick. Not having many words to tell us what what wrong and because I am a classic worrier-we headed into the after-hours emergency vet! After many (many) late night hours there, we left without any real answers, as Dex was not cooperative with them and WOULD NOT let them take a urine and blood sample.

Which brings us to today, we were up monitoring him and then had to completely re-shuffle our schedules and play a little tag-team babysitting (which means making sure he drinks his water)!!

So while this was on a much MUCH smaller scale than bringing up a baby... it did give us a tiny peak into the hustle and scramble of parenting!!

** He did get a fancy new water bowl that runs like a faucet!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Some Labor Day Pics (Dinosaur State Park)

Please, disregard my BRIGHT RED face... it was hot!!

Birthday fun....

It's my birthday.... I'll cry if I want to! Just Kidding, NO crying here, just fun fun fun! Today I turn 29 and I begin the last year of my twenties! And as I sit here, enjoying a nice birthday glass of wine waiting for T to get home, I am reminiscing about all that has happened over the last decade! So many good things that I am so thankful for!!

Like (in no particular order):

1. I married the love of my life and best friend- who makes every day so much better for everyone who is lucky enough to know him!
2. I met so many new and ever-so-dear friends, and I reconnected with so many old (as in years of friendship NOT age) friends
3. I explored the world and had the opportunity to spend some time studying in Northumberland.
4. I graduated from undergrad school.
5. I attended and graduated from law school.
6. We bought our first home.
7. We sold our first home.
8. We began a new adventure by moving to Texas.
9. I began my career with a firm I love and with people who will be great mentors.
10. I found a church that I feel at home at.
11. We adopted Dexter!!!
12. I went on 3 girls trips, where I was able to spend some very quality time with my mom and Kathryn!!

And these are off the top of my head, I am sure there are so many many more things that I am also thankful for but just can't think of them off the top of my head!

So as I begin this next year I am so hopeful that so many more blessings will come my way!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Look who's 1

Because he is so spoiled he received a box and treats for the big 1-year celebration!! And before you think we are cheap and can't get him a proper birthday gift, let me tell you that those are his FAVORITE things in the whole wide world (or his whole wide world-the inside of our house!!)