Monday, May 3, 2010

Snowbirds Flying North!

Our family snowbirds, Travis' mom and step-dad, are finally heading north from their first full winter in Arizona and on their way they made a pit-stop in Texas. We had a fantastic weekend.

On Saturday, we went to First Monday Fair Trade Days in Canton, TX- which for those of you who love markets and flea markets, this is THE one to hit up!! Its a mixture of new "botique-y" stuff and flea market treasures! We all loved it (well maybe not Eldon-but he tolerated it) and I found some fantastic vintage cameras and jewelry.

Then on Sunday, Carol and Eldon, wanted to stay around home and help us with some yard projects that we had been putting off. And who are we to argue with help with boring yard projects, so we did some major work. T and E edged off our patio, put in a small patio for our garbage can to sit on, and took out two trees (I know taking out trees on the day after Earth Day is sort of anti-Earth day.. but we are going to plant two more and they were dying!) In the meantime, C helped me plant my flower container gardens (which was so fantastic because she introduced me to some really beautiful new flowers that I had never used before).

All in all, it was a pretty fun and productive weekend. Thanks for the pit-stop!

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