Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Somebody Pinch me....

Thats right, I need someone to pinch me, because I CAN NOT believe that its August already-not to mention, its almost the end of August!! This summer has , like all summers do, flown by. And again, at the beginning of this summer I thought we were going to have a low key- no plans summer but that did not happen. We seemed to cram so much into the last couple months.

Since it has been so long since I last blogged I will attempt to give a re-cap of our hectic July and August. (That is if I can remember what we did!!) I do know that we had more visitors in late July, Travis' parents came down and we had a nice low-key visit.

Then it seemed August came and we got REALLY busy!! Travis made a trip to MN- then to Canada, where he, my dad and Erik caught ALL the fish they could eat. Meanwhile, I met my mom in Kansas City. We spent the week shopping, dining out, visiting museums and just talking and talking. I know both Travis and I had such a wonderful time- as we always do with quality family time.

I do have some pics and will post them when I get them uploaded!

Sorry about the long delay in posting... ... I will try my very hardest to be more proactive and regular on this posting thing!!

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