Monday, April 5, 2010

Georgia on my Mind..

For Easter my wonderful husband and my equally wonderful sister, Kathryn, planned a little surprise (which Travis ended up telling me about any-how) vacation mini-trip to Georgia over the Easter weekend. So Travis and I packed up the car and headed out Thursday. We arrived later that Thurs.. making great time!

So on Friday we went hiking on a beautiful trail (Kathryn's fav!). It was a great workout (7.5 miles of hills-to be exact!) and a wonderful time.. and absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Here's proof:

Then we visited UGA.. in Athens! We hit up some Georgian Antebellum Mansions (and pretended to be Southern Belles). And we browsed through the downtown!

Finally, we helped Kathryn throw a wonderful Easter Dinner and just spent some quality time with her! (I am soooo... lucky to have such a wonderful sister!)

The ONLY bad thing about the trip was leaving her when it ended! I love you, sis!

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