Saturday, February 27, 2010

Random Acts of Kindness!!

Sometimes, I am casually reminded of the good in humanity and that sometimes little things are so powerful.... today such a lesson was learned. Travis and I went to Granbury, TX for a 1-day mini get-away. We arrived a bit before everything opened so decided to grab some breakfast. We went to a VERY little hole in the wall... it was comprised of a row of plywood booths and a few tables (not much in the way of atmosphere). We ordered and began to talk-- we discussed how we havn't done much in the way of random acts of kindness lately and how we need to start that up again because it feels good. (I am talking about those little random things... like buy someone their coffee or paying for the person behind you in the line to get out of the parking garage.. all those unexpected things that are fun to do and hopefully make the other perosn feel good!)

We went on the finish our meal and headed up to pay. Then our bubbly waitress ran up and told us that someone (she wouldn't tell who) had paid for our meal already!! WOW.. we were shocked by both this stangers kindness and how we had just mentioned how we wanted to do this for someone else. It was a great feeling and really made our day. We didn't ask for this, didn't plan for this, and will never know who paid for us this morning. But it did give us a big smile and a little spring in our step.... so I am sending this little post out as a big thank you to whoever it was and as a reminder to myself that those random acts of kindness really do make a difference!

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